Customer’s Service

Products Mix

We provide custom solutions both in graphics and mechanical process.
Our wide range of products, available either tailored made or standard, make our Company to stand as sole supplier with solutions adaptable to all customers’ needs.

Order Entry Process

Top Management is directly involved in processing Customers’ requests and orders to guarantee product manufacture complying with technical specifications and delivery time agreed.
A detailed and documented offer is issued for each request.

Technical Office supports customers during development, sharing the best solutions to ensure final product conformity to technical specifications.

Availability of CAD-CAM and advanced graphics systems enables connections to import clients’ file, as well in 3D formats.

Our production methods, technical support and delivery process create a unique solution adaptable to all customers needs.

I rapporti di collaborazione con la nostra clientela sono caratterizzati da un sistema di qualità di prodotto e di servizio per soddisfare le diverse esigenze.

Partial Deliveries and
Information Security

To reduce start-up costs, production can be scheduled on customers’ requirements, estimated on medium term; delivery time may be further changed according to client’s real needs.

Customers’ data and documents are stored protected and traceable according to provision of law in force.